Profile of Ms. Ng Sor Hiang

Co-founder and Group Director of LOOK Architects, Singapore

Ms. Ng Sor Hiang is the co-founder and Group Director of LOOK Architects. Her stylistic choice for design is characterized by an inventive robustness that is integrated and informed by an astute sense of economy and environmental sustainability.

Ms. Ng Sor Hiang believes in the deep understanding of processes as a springboard for good design. She is thorough and rigorous in her study and assessment of materiality, space and scale. Furthermore, she is particularly interested in inventing appropriate architectural solutions that are customized for each social and environmental context.

“We live in an ever changing society,” she explains, “There is the need to bring forth a personal touch to every project that enriches users’ experience and encourages them to have greater appreciation for the environment.”

Ms. Ng Sor Hiang has practiced in Singapore and previously in Australia, with industry proven skill and ability to manage and deliver projects through a wide ranging nature whilst demonstrating well-honed versatility in design and detailing.





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