Fuzhou Jinniushan Trans-Urban Connector (Fudao) designed by LOOK Architects clinched Design for Asia Award (DFAA) Grand Award 2018 accolade

The project has recently won the prestigious Design for Asia Grand Award with the award ceremony having been held in Hong Kong on the 4th of December. Out of 10 Grand Awards, LOOK Architects is the only design firm from Singapore, with the other winners hailing from countries around the region including Japan and Hong Kong. Founded in 2003, the DFA Awards are widely known in the industry as one of the most prestigious honors stemming from the region. The award is an international platform for Asian designers to showcase their creative works in many fields including fashion, architecture and product design.

Fudao is an innovative green project that sets out to improve connectivity within burgeoning Asian cities and to bring health, well-being, the love of nature and collective memory to city dwellers. It is an urban design project that emphasizes linearity and ground hugging connectivity that contrasts with the prevailing preference for density and verticality within Chinese cities. It celebrates independence, mobility and an active lifestyle while ensuring the democratic use of space while respecting the natural and built heritage of Fuzhou. The project has previously won the President’s Design Awards – Design of the Year in 2018 and the Chicago Athenaeum award in 2017.







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