Profile of Mr. Look Boon Gee

Founder and Managing Director of LOOK Architects, Singapore

To many, the architecture of Look Boon Gee, as exemplified by the works of LOOK Architects, is modernist. It is only the observant few who are able to see that this is not in fact entirely accurate. Close examination of his extraordinary portfolio of works, accumulated from slightly over a decade, reveals evidence of craftsmanship, economic sensibility, ecological sustainability and unadulterated innovation -which is not at all modernism, but rather a style that consistently challenges the status quo of architecture in a raw and unyielding manner. In 2009, Mr. Look Boon Gee was conferred the prestigious title of President’s Design Award, Designer of the Year (Singapore) for his outstanding work in the architectural field.

This challenge of the conventional takes form in the characteristics that his work possesses: They defy any straight jacketing into any simple categorization and have the continual ability to innovate and surprise with each new project. It is an architectural mindset that constantly searches for new breakthroughs in many fields, be it cutting edge building technology, sustainable ecological designs or interpretations of conservation.

How then, does one arrive at such unconventional wisdom? Instead of being set-back by the pursuit of any particular stylistic aesthetic, Mr. Look Boon Gee sees every project as an architectural puzzle where all problems, constraints, ideals and opportunities have an innovative solution to be found. Adopting an open mindset and an unwavering vigor, he has a gift for unlocking the hidden aesthetic potential in projects and has an uncanny ability to seamlessly weave in the needs and aspirations of the people and environment involved.

Mr. Look Boon Gee’s relentless pursuit of unique architecture is based on the humanistic belief that design can be used to create a better world. His work ethic inspires his fellow professionals and could prove to be ground-breaking at a time where we are just beginning to uncover and develop truly Asian architecture.



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